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At Industrial Painting Contractors in Rosebank, we offer shop-front spraying services. With years of experience in all different surfaces, we can help with your onsite spraying needs.

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With our experience in the latest spray painting techniques and working with different retail outlets, we can help you. 

Our experienced staff know how to work with construction companies to ensure the best outcome for you. Get in touch today to find out how.

Shop Front Spraying Cost in Rosebank

Shop front spraying usually costs around £3 per square metre, averaging around £800 in total.

The cost is completely dependent on what you want painted on your shop, the size, and the location.

Shop Front Spraying in Rosebank in

Some other factors that may change the cost of spray painting your shop front would be if you need the base painted and the type of finish you want for your shop fronts.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to improve your shop front with minimal disruption, get in touch today and get a free quotation for our spraying services.

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Benefits of Shop Front Spraying

There are many benefits to using shop-front spray painting, including the ability to colour-match and a perfectly smooth and durable finish.

Best of all, shop front spraying is a cost-effective alternative to other painting methods. Shop front spraying is: 

  • Cost-effective shop refurbishment

  • Time efficient

  • Smooth, professional, superior finish

  • Range of colours

  • Suitable for different surfaces

  • More customers due to the welcoming look of your new premises

A fantastic benefit of shop-front spraying is that it can bring new life to your existing shop-front in a more cost-effective way than hand painting without leaving brush marks.

With onsite spraying in Rosebank, we can give your shop the look you want.

Our onsite shop staff will come to you and work with any construction companies you are working with to ensure your shop front spray painting is exactly what you want.

Using on site spraying means the job will be completed much quicker than with a brush, saving you time and money.

Our team can also apply intumescent fireproof paint in Rosebank to ensure safety of your home.

What is Shop Front Spraying?

Shop front spraying is exactly as it sounds; it is spray painting your shop front.

You can spray your shopfront with a large range of different RAL colours, regardless of whether you have a brick shop, roller shutters or mobile towers.

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We can help with re-branding and giving your shop front in Rosebank ML8 5 new life through shopfront spraying services.

Shop Front Spraying in Rosebank in

Not only available for small shop fronts but used by high street chains, spray painting shop fronts is a popular way to give a complete replacement to your current shop front.

If you need your shop floor resurfaced, we can also offer industrial and commercial floor coatings in Rosebank - please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this.

How to Paint a Shop Front

A step-by-step guide of how to spray paint shop fronts includes:

  1. Safe access - corden off your work area.

  2. Check all equipment - Check you have all the necessary equipment for the job.

  3. Prime - start by sanding off any powder-coated surfaces or remove the existing hand-painted finish

  4. Paint - paint in thin layers, working from top to bottom to get an even coverage.

All our employees are trained in spraying work and continually tested.

As with most big jobs, such as improving the paint on your shop front, you are better off getting a professional to do your commercial property.

Contact us today to find out if our shop-front spraying services in Rosebank are for you.

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What Shops Can Be Sprayed?

Any shop can be sprayed as long as the shop owners have permission or own the shop.

This includes high street shops, supermarkets, retail parks, shopping centres, salons, hairdressers and more.

We can provide our painting services for roller shutters, automatic doors, windows and more.

How Long Does UPVC Spraying Last?

When applied correctly, UPVC spraying shop paint will last ten years.

Correct application and proper maintenance are important to maximise longevity.

Shop Front Spraying in Rosebank in

What Colours Can Be Used for a Shopfront Respray?

Some of the most popular colours used for a shopfront respray include:

  • Black

  • White

  • Grey

  • Brown

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Orange

  • Yellow

  • Pink

  • Gold

  • Purple

  • Beige

  • Green

We can even colour match your current shop front or to a colour the shop owners prefer.

What Materials Can Be Sprayed?

A range of materials can be sprayed, including:

  • Aluminium framework

  • Alodised

  • Asphalt

  • Ceramic

  • Concrete

  • Glass

  • Metal

  • Plastic

  • Steel

  • Wood

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Safety Standards and Accreditations

Below are listed some of the safety standard accreditations that we offer:

  • CITB

  • IPAF

  • CHAS

  • CSCS




When you require your shopfront spraying in Rosebank ML8 5 or want a whole new rebrand, there are many positive reasons to look to on site shop spraying rather than using a brush.

Getting a professional will always give you the best outcome and, in the end, save you money.

With prices as low as £3 per square metre, why would you get someone to paint your shop front with a brush when shopfront spraying is the economical way forward?

If you need your shop painted, get in touch with us today for a quote for your job.

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