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Industrial Floor Painting

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Industrial floor painting can be an important part of a building or adapting and maintaining any industrial space.

We offer a wide range of epoxy resin floor paint options and industrial painting services to ensure that every client can get the bespoke flooring they need and cover over bare concrete with a much more versatile surface.

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Our extensive range of epoxy resin floor coatings and industrial factory floor paint choices allows our contractors to deliver personalised painting options.

Industrial flooring can have a range of important practical and aesthetic benefits to any space, and every project requires something different.

Whether you are looking for extremely hard-wearing surfaces or fast-drying paint to mark out borders and danger zones, our experts can deliver the right industrial floor painting for your needs.

Industrial Floor Paint Cost

On average, the cost of supplying and installing floor paints in industrial spaces ranges between £2 to £22 per square foot.

While this is quite a wide variation, this is because different epoxy resin industrial floor paints can come in a range of different types.

Industrial Floor Painting in

Specific floor paints might be better suited to certain spaces, and industrial factory floor paint can require different steps than industrial kitchen floor paints.

There can also be a variety of factors that influence the cost of your industrial floor painting project, including:

  • The size of the painted space.

  • The amount of floor preparation required.

  • The level of chemical resistance needed.

  • The overall required durability of the floor coverings.

  • The number of colours required for your chosen painting plan.

  • Other specialised details, such as having to paint on ramps or various surface types.

This means that every one of our industrial floor painting projects is essentially completely bespoke, costing a varied amount based on your exact needs.

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Our experts understand how to estimate prices well, meaning that we can give you a general quote for your intended project.

If you want to receive an in-depth breakdown of the estimated costs involved, get in touch with our team today!

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get your project planned out.

Benefits of Industrial Floor Painting

There are a range of benefits to covering your bare concrete floor with epoxy flooring paint.

While some of them are quite obvious at first, others are a lot more subtle or only apply in specific situations, depending on how you use that industrial space.

Some of the more notable advantages of these epoxy resin flooring paint projects include the following:

  • Consistency across all sections of the floor, making a smoother surface for wheeled vehicles/tools and allowing concrete floor areas to "blend" into one another more effectively.

  • Better durability and overall strength compared to standard concrete floor with no coating, without requiring any major structural work.

  • Improved long-term durability, allowing your flooring to withstand constant use and heavy vehicle traffic more effectively over long periods of time.

  • Longer-lasting visual details, reducing the chance of fading or surface damage over extended periods of use.

  • Greater protection from chemical spillages, removing the risk of physical damage and staining to that section of your property's floor.

  • Easier cleaning, making it much easier to mop up liquid or powder spillages or contain chemical spills that would otherwise cause longer-term problems. This also helps with keeping areas sterile.

  • Improved safety standards, such as greater fire resistance and non-slip features, to keep employees safe in the workplace. (Our team can also offer intumescent paint if required.

  • Limited maintenance, requiring only occasional cleaning. This can also make it cheaper to maintain epoxy resin flooring over a concrete floor.

  • Low-odour designs eliminate bad smells more effectively, creating a slightly more comfortable work environment even after major spills.

Of course, beyond these practical benefits, there is also the aesthetic appeal.

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Industrial floor paints allow you to colour different sections of the floor in different ways, meaning that floor coatings can have purpose-built markers and borders for a factory floor or other industrial space.

This enables us to create defined pedestrian walkways, danger zone markings, delivery points and other painted-on elements that are bespoke to your industrial space.

This can make a factory floor much easier to use without requiring much extra work.

We work hard to meet each client's needs, talking them through any options that might suit their requirements.

Our experts are fully prepared to take on bespoke work, providing a custom epoxy resin coating plan that works perfectly in your chosen space.

Whether you are looking for a specially formulated self-levelling chemically resistant resin floor coating or just want something that can fit a facility promoting safety-first approaches, we can provide the perfect industrial epoxy floor paint for your situation.

Types of Floor Paint

While there are countless different ways to use floor paints like this, most of them can fall into three distinct categories.

Although they are similar at first glance, each of these floor coatings offers both advantages and disadvantages compared to the others.

Remember, there is not a single "best" industrial flooring option out there. One option may suit a factory floor better, while another is more useful in an industrial kitchen - we can help you find the type of floor coating that works best for your space, no matter how specific your needs may be.

Polyurethane Floor Paints

Polyurethane resin screeds and floor paints are incredibly durable and very resistant to wear and tear, making them perfect as a larger-scale protective option.

However, this also tends to make them more expensive overall compared to epoxy resins.

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The excellent chemical resistance (alongside sunlight resistance and other benefits) can make polyurethane a great industrial flooring coating choice since it can withstand chemical abuse and various other forms of damage easily.

Industrial Floor Painting in

Acrylic Floor Paints

Acrylic floor paint is great for dealing with stains and spills and is quick-drying.

This can make it a very good option for quickly getting one or two coats added to an industrial space, all while still getting abrasion-resistant properties and other core advantages.

Acrylic paint works well on industrial floors such as concrete slabs, where a quick-drying industrial factory floor painting coat can make a space much more reliable. However, acrylic is still useful even outside of these situations and cheaper than certain higher-grade options.

Epoxy Factory Floor Paint

Our epoxy industrial factory floor painting provides a reliable epoxy resin coating that is durable, reliable, safe for employees, and very easy to maintain.

Epoxy resin flooring is also highly adaptable, allowing it to serve as food-grade flooring or other specialised types if needed.

With proper floor preparation, epoxy resin floor paints can become an incredibly durable coating that is also cost-effective.

Our prep work even allows us to install it on power-floated surfaces that are normally hard to add a floor coating to.

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What is Industrial Floor Paint?

In general, industrial paints are heavy-duty paints that are meant for use in industrial floor spaces.

They are often designed to have specific benefits that make them useful for industrial floors, such as being stain-resistant or able to endure chemical damage.

Rather than using the same paint as a normal property, an industrial space relies on epoxy resin flooring and similar paint types.

This leads to greater durability, better safety during spills, high abrasion resistance, and improved strength for spaces like forklift trucking aisles.

Some industrial floor painting options are also meant to meet specific hygiene regulations or quirks like being able to remain high-performance in low temperatures.

This can require a level of technical capability from the group installing it.

We provide a huge range of industrial floor painting options, acting as professional industrial floor painters that can provide bespoke coatings for any given space.

Heavy Duty Floor Coatings

Heavier-duty floor coatings are any form of industrial floor coating that is meant to provide greater durability and strength.

These are often used in areas where strength is a major requirement, such as vehicle lanes or storage rooms.

This can also include coatings that are more durable overall, boasting things like better chemical resistance or improved scratch protection.

Industrial Floor Painting in

Floor Screeding

Screeds are thicker than regular factory floor painting, coming in various sizes that provide their own benefits.

2mm - 3mm screeds are self-smoothing and are used to boost hygiene in areas that need it, but are best used on smoother surfaces.

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4mm - 6mm varieties are trowel-applied and are mostly good at resisting abrasion and other forms of damage.

6mm - 9mm screeds are the toughest overall, but naturally also the most expensive.

These are an alternative to standard industrial paints, providing thicker options for spaces where more specific demands need to be met.

Epoxy Resin Screeds

Our epoxy resin flooring screeds produce a smooth surface and are very good for managing a range of damage types, as well as helping to deal with powder and liquid spills.

We can provide bespoke screed options for any customers that may need them.

Food Grade Flooring

Food-grade flooring is flooring suitable for use in kitchens or other areas that handle food.

Bare concrete floors attract germs and grime (as well as create things like concrete dust), so replacing that concrete floor with epoxy resin flooring and a gloss finish can lead to fully clean rooms.

Where is Industrial Floor Painting Used?

We can apply industrial floor painting in various establishments. These include:

  • Factory Units

  • Brewery

  • Car Showroom

  • Car Workshop

  • Commercial Kitchen

  • Bakery

  • Commercial Garages

  • Cold Stores

  • Boiler Rooms

Industrial Floor Painting in
  • Commercial Laundry

  • Cheese Production Factory

  • Distillery

  • Heavy Vehicle Workshop

  • Aircraft Hangar

  • Print, Paper and Packaging Establishments

  • Abattoir

  • Meat, Poultry and Fish Process Factories

  • Warehouses

  • Plant Room

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What is the Best Paint for Industrial Concrete Floors?

Epoxy resin floor paint is usually recommended by most industrial floor painters since it provides the best factory floor painting results overall.

Even simple light grey epoxy resin paint can be an improvement over concrete surfaces.

What Paint to Use on Factory Floor?

Non slip paint is the best to use on factory floors.

Factory floor painting can be done with a range of paint types, but most industrial floor painters will recommend a specific factory floor painting option based on your needs.

There is no "best paint" that works flawlessly in every situation.

What is Heavy Duty Floor Paint?

Heavy-duty floor paint is any paint designed for durability and protection.

This means a combination of anti-slip features, wear and tear protection, and other features to keep the floor stable and undamaged under both foot traffic and vehicle traffic.

What is the Hardest Wearing Floor Paint?

Epoxy floor paint is the most hard-wearing floor coating.

The hardest-wearing floor paint varies based on your situation. The best choice for industrial car parks would be very different to one used on pedestrian walkways.

Industrial Floor Painting in

What is the Best Floor Paint for High Traffic?

The best high-traffic floor paint is anything that is easy to clean (such as via steam cleaning), anti-slip, durable enough to handle a lot of traffic, and UV-stable.

Other elements, such as being solvent-free, can also help.

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What is the Thickest Floor Paint?

Expoxy is the thickest paint for floors.

It can range from 2mm - 250mm.

Does Floor Paint Need Primer?

Primer is important before adding industrial paint.

Without primer, the paint becomes less reliable and sometimes even less durable, as well as having a higher chance of flaking or peeling.

With primer, the paint can bond to the surface beneath much more effectively, leading to better results overall.

How Many Coats of Paint On a Floor?

We recommend 2 coats of paint on floors.

While a single coat can do the job individually in many cases, a second coat may sometimes be needed - or three if the situation calls for an extra layer of protection.

Different paint colours may also need to be added in individual coats, especially if the top layer is being used for important markings or guidelines.

Product Codes

  • Smooth High Gloss Flooring

  • Clean Room Flooring

  • Anti Slip Floor Paint

  • Decorative Quartz

  • Anti Static ESD

  • Floor Resurfacing

  • Epoxy Resin Floor Paint

  • Floor Screeding

  • Food Grade Floor Finish

  • Polyaspartic Coatings

  • Polyurethane Resin Screeds

Safety Standards / Environmental Requirements

Below are listed some of the safety standards for industrial floor painting.

  • BS 8204-6

  • Control of Lead at Works Regulations (for lead-based paints)

  • COSHH Regulations

  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

These generally refer to the same basic ideas: paint needs to be used in a safe way with minimal risk to employees or customers and has to be applied in the correct way.

Preparation work like diamond grinding would also need to be carried out by people with the tools and experience to perform diamond grinding.

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Our wide range of floor paint options allows us to provide industrial painting options for almost any property or business.

Whether you are looking for paint that can manage light reflection or something that can endure corrosive chemical spills, we can arrange for the right painting options for your industrial site.

We can also take charge of things like trying to repair cracks in existing painted floorings or reducing light reflection glares from auxiliary lighting in painted spaces. 

From the installation of solvent-free epoxy resin to the painting of new vehicle guidelines, we understand that each client needs something different.

Our range of painting options covers many single-pack (all-in-one) paint types, as well as some two-pack (separate pigment and activator) paints.

Our experts understand when to recommend a single-pack over a two-pack and how to deliver the right paint option for each client's needs.

If you want to know more about what we can offer, then get in touch with us today and talk to our experts.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can put together a painting plan that suits your industrial space.

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